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AUTODECK Floor Tiles are a complete line of easy-to-install modular flooring tiles that are ideal for all kinds of applications -- including garage floors, work areas, shop floors, auto shows, racing pits, residential and commercial showrooms, factories, airplane hangars, basements, laundry rooms, roof decks, exercise rooms, pet areas and wherever a finished floor is required.

AutoDeck Floor Tiles are the most practical and easy-to-install modular garage floor and industrial floor on the market. Whether you are looking to renew your garage, add color to a showroom, or need a slip-resistant floor anywhere, we’ve got the flooring solution for you. With over 40 different portable tiles, we’ve got something for every need or application you may have.

The AutoDeck Tile is a one-square foot modular flooring tile that easily allows you to create a raised, dry, slip-resistant surface that never has to be refinished. It is UV-stabilized so the colors won’t ever fade. The modular floor tiles are resistant to chemicals such as oil, grease and brake fluid. AutoDeck garage floor tiles help you keep you and your car, clean and dry. Choose from our range of 14 different colors and 4 tile styles to create the look you want.

AutoDeck Floor Mats are a simple-to-install roll-out mat that is ideal for all kinds of applications – garage floors, work areas, utility rooms, laundry rooms and basements – anywhere a finished floor is required. Floor Mats are available in several styles, colors and roll sizes.

AutoDeck Floor Mats allow you to create a clean and finished look to your garage floor quickly and economically. Specially-formulated PVC protects floor underneath from contaminants such as oil, grease, antifreeze and salt. Floor Mats also provide insulation, noise reduction and a cushioned anti-fatique surface.